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Do you book accommodation online?

Do you use Airbnb, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, Trivago etc?

Then you’ve probably faced one or more of these irritating problems:

  • High prices 
  • Lots of faceless, soulless chain hotels
  • The advertised price jumping up when you come to pay
  • Rooms that appear to be available but, when you click on them, they’re not
  • Poor quality accommodation that doesn’t live up to its description
  • Hidden prices, such as admin fees and cleaning charges
  • No details of parking charges, leaving you open to sky-high charges just for leaving your car at the hotel

Booking through Airbnb can be particularly troublesome, as it’s often private accommodation that isn’t properly insured and hasn’t had full safety checks. 

There’s also plenty of horror stories concerning fraud. Like the chap staying in an Airbnb-rented apartment in Berlin, who was suddenly confronted by the real owner - demanding to know what he was doing in his home. There’s been plenty more cases of fraudulent activity through Airbnb, where people have lost a lot of money. 

Frightening, isn’t it? 

Just like you, I’m a traveller – and regularly book online. And, just like you, I’m fed up of all the problems and worries associated with it. 

So, I’ve done something about it. Something I think you’ll be interested in: 

I’ve developed a new online booking site called hotelbnb.com. It’s not quite ready yet, but I’m giving you the chance to sign up as a member in advance. You just need to fill in the form on the right.

It’s free and you’ll be one of my guinea pigs – the first people to use this new site..

And in return, I’ll give you a special discount when you make your first booking.

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A bit more about us...

There’s no time limit on this and no obligation to do anything. You can use your discount whenever you’re ready. (If you could also tell me what you think of the site, I’d love to know – but you don’t have to!)

Here’s some more about hotelbnb.com:

This is very different from Airbnb. We only list hotels and B&Bs - no private homes or rooms – so you’re not dealing with the general public.

And we are linked to lots of quality independent hotels and guest houses. You often don’t find these on big websites such as Expedia and Booking.com, as they can’t afford to pay the high commission payments. That’s why these sites are dominated by big, expensive, soulless chain hotels.

In my experience, independents offer a better, more affordable and more personal experience. And a much better breakfast! 

By using us, not only do you get more choice, but you are supporting these small businesses.

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Here’s what else sets hotelbnb.com apart from all those other booking sites:

  • The price you see when you search is the price you pay. It will not go up when you come to book and there are no hidden charges
  • We vet every single hotel and B&B on our site – so you know they offer quality accommodation
  • There is a parking filter – so you can avoid charges and just find places that let you park free
  • We have a 3* minimum requirement – so there are none of the low-grade hotels you find on other sites
  • Only available rooms are listed – you will never click on a link just to find it’s not free on your chosen dates

In short, this is a site that gives you a wider choice of independent hotels and B&Bs at better, more transparent prices.

Then fill in your details below and as soon as the site’s ready, I’ll let you know.

This commits you to absolutely nothing and you can unsubscribe from my emails at any time.

And I’ll send you that special discount code too, so you’ll get a healthy reduction on your first booking. 

Does that sound good to you?

Then why not sign up now, while this is on your mind?


Wesley Perkins

Founder – hotelbnb.com

Sign up FREE below and get a special discount code for your first Hotelbnb booking